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“We’re not together.”

“Yeah , right.” Jongin sneered, rolling his eyes.

“I’m being honest, there’s nothing between us, we are friends.” Part of his heart screamed when those words rolled out of his tongue but Chanyeol didn’t actually lie, the thing between him and Baekhyun was too vague to be called something.

“Friends don’t make love every once in a while, Chanyeol.” This time it was Luhan who spoke, sitting himself next to Yixing on the old couch.

“We’re not making love, we’re just simply fucking, right yeollie?…..” Baekhyun said matter of factly in a tone that conveyed mockery before Chanyeol could give any response, eyes refused to look at anything but Chanyeol as he took a can of beer from the fridge.

“…… And the big difference between making love and fucking is… You won’t find love in the later one.” Baekhyun continued.

The words that he said were full of venom that Chanyeol had to clench his jaw to survive the pain. Baekhyun was fucking miserable but Chanyeol was no better. They were both miserable in their own ways. They didn’t quite know what happened to themselves, one time they were band mates but the other time they fucked in the backstage, all sweaty and needy. But there was one thing that they knew…They knew that they could always find comfort in each other’s arms.